Residential Commission "Nesting on Schrader" - CODAworx

Residential Commission “Nesting on Schrader”

Submitted by cheryl holz


Location: North Aurora, IL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $7,000

Project Team


Cheryl Holz

Holz Fine Art


Sonya Hochsprung


This painting was commissioned by new home owners and reflects the palette of their “nest.” They moved into a new home that overlooks a marsh, and have been influenced by all the species of birds that visit or inhabit the wetland. Their ornithological interest is reflected in the imagery of the work; Sandhill cranes at sunset flock and bask in the silhouette of a swan. The familiar sight of a flock of Canada geese flies overhead. Grouse feathers float throughout, as do oak leaves, a favored foliage. Their landscape plan lies beneath layers of paint and imagery, and their platt of survey peeks out in the upper left. Maps from where they grew up are incorporated into surface. Their current address balances with an earlier residence at opposing ends of the painting. Cowser Road is a street in Glasford named after Sonya’s family. Antique illustrations of lilacs, an inherited favorite of Sonya’s, are transferred on and inked in. Actual grasses are adhered to the surface. Impressed into the acrylic are cast track replicas of the enormous webbed foot of a swan and a Great White Heron.


My goal with this and most commissions was to incorporate as many personal details that were important to my clients as I can while maintaining the integrity of a good composition.


This client had purchased many pieces from me in the past, but wanted something specific to the new home they were building. We talk over a bottle of wine, brainstorming ideas, looking at past works and seeing their reactions both positive and negative. I send them away with "homework"- find there plot survey to incorporate into the underpainting, collect some of their grasses, etc. and then I do my collecting and research and then it begins!