Renal Unit at the Ulster Hospital Belfast

Submitted by Elke Westen


Client: Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2007

Project Team

Industry Resource

Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust

Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust


Elke Westen


dimensions approx 3 m high, 12 m long – painting on glass wiht integrated dichroic glass, optical lighting film and ahdnmade flashed glass – integrated into the space of the double glazed units


Main theme: Movement and Life
The artwork is inspired by the theme “Movement and Life” and the associated attributes which will be expressed and are transformed into glass art. The artwork is situated in the main entrance area of the Renal Unit, just behind the main waiting/seating area. The view to the outside should eb obscured and patients should be distracted while waiting. Ever changing light situations transform the whole room into a contantly changing, colourful environment. The artwork becomes part of the building.