Renaissance Plantation, FL - CODAworx

Renaissance Plantation, FL

Submitted by Arjuna Noor

Client: Marriott

Location: Plantation, FL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $36,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Keith Neves

Industry Resource

Victor Rakovich


Arjuna Noor



Iconic Hospitality Art – Front Desk – Photokinetic art, software programmed front-lit LED sequences & art synching, substrate backlit architectural fabric, 24'w x 5'h; design board, ambient hospitality, mood defining, visual theme – Everglades


"Create a Stunning hospitality visual ambience with multi-layered photokinetic art that undulates and 'breathes' color and vitality into the space"; CAD design, perspective and theme design, lighting design, panel mounted interative selections for various programmed 'moods'; all objective consideration melds with subjective investigation of the core MOOD of the place and art is 'born' - we call it Moodspace.


3 Phased process: Discovery, Design and Deployment; each phase trouble shoots the previous, error proof, on time delivery, technically engineered art creation and deploying process in collaboration with Hospitality designers, GC, contractors all within the parametes of an agreed upon a core 'feeling' of what the art is about;

Additional Information

Moodspace creates state-of-the-art Photokinetic installations for the Hospitality industry and public places where humanity convenes. From ambient mood design to monumental photokinetic installations, we infuse art with light to design custom MOOD.