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Reflecting Within Us

Client: Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $123,000

Project Team

artist, creator, designer

Chris Natrop

Chris Natrop Studio

Project Manager

Iris Regn

Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture


Designed to cultivate a sense of wonder in the waiting area, “Reflecting With Us,” beckons visitors to a captivating realm. More than a hundred intricate shapes dangle from the ceiling, crafting an aerial sculpture that gracefully orbits the perimeter of the room, spanning an impressive one hundred fifty-foot circumference. The mirrored facets of this tailored sculpture engage with the sunlight streaming through windows, orchestrating a dance of reflected illumination and gentle shadows that embellish the nearby architecture.

Impeccably cut from polished stainless steel, these shapes coalesce into an array of nature-inspired silhouettes. Birds, trees, and water blend harmoniously, weaving a fantastical landscape that traverses the expanse of the heavens. This fanciful panorama encourages individual interpretations, extending a warm invitation to every observer to partake in its open-ended significance.


Craft an elevated sculpture that brings joy to the patrons of the Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center. The design of this sculpture is intended to ensure a lifespan of over 50 years.


Selected from a pool of more than a hundred candidates, I emerged as the chosen artist for this prominent public art endeavor commissioned by the County of Los Angeles. I personally managed this extensive project throughout its duration, from inception to completion, even navigating the challenges presented by the pandemic-induced shutdown in 2020. The creation of all the intricate cutout shapes commenced in my studio, where I meticulously hand-cut paper to craft their designs.

Additional Information

With dimensions of 53 x 33 x 7 feet, this sculpture is composed of mirror polished stainless steel.