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Reebok Fit Barge

Submitted by M.O.D. Media Productions

Client: Reebok

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Brittingham Boats


Reebok engaged in M.O.D. Media's multi-services to book all entertainment production and full media coverage (photo, video, audio) for their marketing project “Fit Barge”: a 40ft x 60ft floating barge in the middle of Lake Monona, Madison, WI that held over 30 fitness classes, 12 bands and 3 DJs over the course of 10 days.


Reebok's marketing goals were to engage with the Madison community, offering entertainment and classes for free, in tandem with the Crossfit Games World Championship that was hosted in Madison, WI at the same time. Our services in booking, producing and capturing entertainment, classes and buildout, successfully produced record numbers of community engagement both online after the event and in real time.


M.O.D.'s strong relationships with creatives, producers, and community organizers made this process extremely out-of-the-box (something many people in Madison, WI have never experienced before), smooth and punctual. We worked with Reebok's marketing & physical buildout team, Jack Morton representatives, Brittingham Boats for transportation logistics, and local artists who would draw multiple diverse crowds of target individuals. Our team of 10 consisted of producers, photographers, project managers, videographers, audio engineers, social media marketers, and musicians.