Redleaf Center for Family Healing at Hennepin Healthcare's downtown Minneapolis hospital - CODAworx

Redleaf Center for Family Healing at Hennepin Healthcare’s downtown Minneapolis hospital

Submitted by Cathy Haight

Client: Dorsey-Hovde Art Design

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,600

Project Team


Cathy Haight

Art Consultant

Vicki Hovde

Dorsey-Hovde Art Design


Original batik was commissioned for the Main Reception sitting space, one of the signature entry pieces. It is 30″ x 40″, batik on cotton, mounted and framed with UV-protective plexi-glass. The ancient medium of batik begins with a piece of white cotton cloth. Melted wax is drawn on the fabric to act as a resist to dyes. After many layers of waxing and dying, all wax is removed from the cloth, leaving characteristic fine lines from the batik process.


For this holistic healing center, the small water environment of this wall art adds a zen-like quality to enhance the peacefulness of the location. The light shimmering through the surfaces offers hope and optimism to the women and their families. The palette and other elements work with the overall design.


The art committee approved an image submitted by the artist, highlighting specific elements. The art consultant was very helpful in providing the artist detailed positive feedback from the group; the artist sent process photos at intervals during the batik process. The consultant also provided Design Notes, samples of the colors used in the interior decor, and ideas about framing and displaying the work.

Additional Information

Art in a healing center, especially for women and children, is of personal interest to the artist. Good communication with the art consultant made this project a pleasure to work on and contributed to the success of the project.