Submitted by Emily Weiskopf



Location: Manhattan, KS, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Emily Weiskopf


City of Manhattan


Reflect, Release, Rethink, Reduce, Respond, Relearn, Revive, Rebuild, Recreate, Rebirth, Receive, Reimagine, Recycle, Renewal, Remembrance- a Revolution of gratitude… we are a world on fire from the inside out and outside in. We need to mobilize and awaken needed mental shifts, just like our earth shifts for ongoing progress, growth, healing for ourselves, our lives, each other and our earth. We must remember we are nature, seeds which must open and act with Resilience, Resourcefulness and interdependence not ashamed by struggle or resistant to change which brings more struggle.
48″ H 44″ D 48″ W not including base
Using all recycled aluminum
Hand-worked and powder-coated surface
Aluminum base


The city of Manhattan, Kansas was open to new and current proposals from the artists for this project. Location of the work was determined by the context of the work itself and its relation to the city and community. Because this work as created from recycled materials and in response to current times it was place in a greenspace.


I as the artist created the overall concept, design and all surface work including finishing work.
Metal Works Austin assisted me in welding.
I was selected by curator Susan Earle, of the Spencer Museum of Art in conjunction with the city of Manhattan, Kansas based on my proposal and past work. This public art exhibition was made possible by the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

Additional Information

Life is in constant motion, temporary. We keep going and make it a good fight. My ongoing spine & neurological rehabilitation reminds me of that and so it cannot help but be intermeshed more with my work, especially public work. These are our times- Not words as much as actions and more humility.