Rayyan: A Cosmic Bloom - CODAworx

Rayyan: A Cosmic Bloom

Submitted by Javid JAH

Client: Solmar Developers

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Collaborating Artist

Quentin VerCetty


Alex Akbari


Rayyan: A Cosmic Bloom is a dynamic gateway sculpture that explores the symbolic connections the community can share and exchange with the cosmos through the language of sacred geometry. The art piece offers a cultural exchange through the incorporation of Islamic architectural design elements and Afrofuturistic concepts represented through West African Akan adinkra symbols. Rayyan is a layered public art experience designed for people from all walks of life as it revisits traditional principles of the cosmos through contemporary innovations in technology.


As long-standing community-oriented interdisciplinary artists and designers, Javid JAH and Quentin VerCetty are joining forces to design and fabricate visually and culturally rich, inclusive public interventions. Their partnership started with mural productions in 2010 evolving into their first public art installation collaboration Rayyan: A Cosmic Bloom. The artistic structure blends Javid JAH’s inspiration from Islamic architecture and Quentin VerCetty’s Afrofuturistic symbolism. Together they explore ways to honour the metaphysical relationship between humans, the elements, and the cosmos.


We are in the process of completing detailed design for fabrication of the project, working closely with the landscape architects, engineers, municipality and developer.