Rain Showers - CODAworx

Rain Showers

Submitted by Drummond Fine Art

Client: City of Miramar

Location: Miramar, FL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Michelle Drummond

Drummond Fine Art

Cultural Affairs Director

Camasha Cevieux

City of Miramar


RAIN SHOWERS is a large-scale manifestation of a piece from my series of work, The Flow of Water. The Flow of Water series investigates the societal and environment impact of water in its natural and altered form, bringing light to its importance of sustaining life through accessibility, quality and conservation. RAIN SHOWERS fabrication and installation is a two phased approach, where Phase I is the temporary installation in an internal public space and Phase II is the fully realized piece to be installed in an external public space. Refer to rendering.

It emulates an external bathroom shower with an oversized shower head with aspects of luxury and strife. It symbolizes the importance of functioning infrastructures and water conduits in underserved and rural environments to provide access to safe water and sanitation in households. This piece also communicates the ripple effect on communities of polluted waterways and open bodies of water used for consumption and daily survival. In most cases, there is an imbalance in ecosystems and the bodies of water become unsafe, often resulting in illness or death.


The goal is to build a relationship with entities with water purview to inform communities through art on the important role their organization plays in servicing residents and the privilege of having access to this essential resource bringing awareness to those who are less fortunate.


The collaboration process involves research and communicating with municipalities and entities on the benefit to use art as a vehicle to bring awareness to the sustaining the environment and enabling access to safe water for consumption.