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In Art, Life and Science What is the Question?

Client: Rochester Institute of Technology

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


CJS Architects

CJS Architects


Nancy Gong

Interior Designer

Bergmann Associates

Bergmann Associates


Wall of glass connects and separates lobby and “Inovation Center.” Inspired by science, technology, and the arts, all of the etched images relate to one of the different schools at RIT and includes “…everything from the binary system to the black hole.”
The art glass wall divides two areas within the Administrative Services Building, a quiet space and the Innovation Center, an active space.


The artwork was designed to draw daylight into the administrative services lobby and preserve the view of the outdoors. The glass wall is designed to both connect and separate the two areas. The design also comes to life with artificial lighting.


This project was a Design Build Project which started with a generic wave as a lace holder on the elevations. The artist researched and introduced the Bose Einstein Condensate Theory wave from which many scientific theories are based, to the design, thus making the design more meaningful to the Institute.

Additional Information

The design functions well for a space that serves many different functions from research activities, displaying projects, formal and informal events. A diverse student, faculty and visitor population frequent the lobby side for various types of interaction and reflection.