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Quo Vadis

Submitted by Bas van Oerle

Client: Nieuw Rijsenburgh retirement home

Location: Sommelsdijk, Netherlands

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team








Quo Vadis is a multi-sensory interactive experience made for the residents of the Nieuw Rijsenburgh retirement home, many of whom suffer from dementia. Many of the residents spent their lives living and working on or near the water. On Quo Vadis they get to experience the feeling of being on the sea again, steering the ship and listening to old sailors’ songs on the radio. Familiar sensory experiences, like listening to songs from their youth, has been shown to greatly increase quality of life for many patients, making them more active and engaged.


Quo Vadis was part of a larger effort by CuraMare to update the two inner gardens of the Nieuw Rijsenburgh retirement home. Each inner garden had its own theme relating to the lives of the local residents. One garden had the theme of the farm, while the other was themed around the sea and the coast.The goal for us was to create a centerpiece for the sea themed garden, which was to provide a link to the residents' pasts, a place to rest their feet and some light stimulation and entertainment.


After the initial briefing about CuraMare's wishes for the inner garden we were asked to provide three preliminary concepts, of which they would pick the one they liked best. This was the concept for Quo Vadis, which we then turned into a final design in consultation with CuraMare. During the design phase of Quo Vadis they provided guidance on accessibility requirements, and the technical department provided assistance installing the boat in the garden.