Pulse - CODAworx



Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Andrew Zolty



Mattias Gunneras



Pulse is a kinetic artwork commissioned for Equinox’s new global headquarters located in Hudson Yards, New York. The installation evolves through dynamic visualizations that are driven by members entering Equinox locations around the world. The piece is an exploration to visualize the true heartbeat behind the company – the activity of the members themselves.

Pulse is a two-story-tall installation built from 390 Brixels – infinitely rotating, digitally controlled, mirrored and matte-black “bricks” that move together to create mesmerizing visualizations. BREAKFAST has garnered a lot of attention in the art world over the past year, as the future of digital and experiential art continues to gain in notoriety. BREAKFAST’s pieces are extremely unique in that, while they are controlled digitally, they are entirely kinetic and do not utilize screens. BREAKFAST is dedicated to the exploration of digital art that avoids adding more glowing pixels to our overly saturated digital-physical world.


The goal of this piece was to connect one to the heartbeat of the Equinox — the movement of the members going in and out of their locations around the world.