Submitted by CR Design


Client: Private Client

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Christophe Raynal

CR Design

Industry Resource

Maria Cermesoni



As Spine specialist (the client) wanted to have an artpiece looking like or artistically refering to “SPINE” idea – Size 31 inches high x 110 inches length.


Goal : A will from the owner to hang in his office an artpiece remembering spine.


A dream process. 1-CR Design presentation to interior design firm in charge of the project 2- presentation of sculpture sample 3- send an email to the final client to show 4 - half an hour later a client confirmation 5 - price request a week later 6 - deposit paid from the client so staarting production (3weeks to produce locally) than shipping to Chicago (from Miami)

Additional Information

Interesting project as well as design part than commercial process.