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Residential Commission

Submitted by Tracy Lynn Pristas

Client: Private Collector

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $14,000

Project Team


Tracy Lynn Pristas

Art Consultant

Tracy Lynn Pristas


Warren & Marsha Deck


Denver clients contacted professional artist and residential art consultant Tracy Lynn Pristas about a commission for their living room. They loved all of their contemporary neutral furnishings but now wanted to add the enchantment of color with a custom archival painting. They had admired Pristas’s artwork, and knew that she was a colorist painter. As a colorist painter Pristas broadcasts through color with her intensive technique of building and reducing results in a depth of under-layers that pulls the eye inward. Tracy collaborates with color to express the otherwise inexpressible.


The clients had four principal goals. They wanted the artwork to add the stimulation of balanced color to their neutral decor, act as the focal point, work with their sight lines, and be created with archival materials. The color palette was the highest priority. Tracy utilizes color not to give us a surface to stare at, but to guide us inward toward something beyond the surface, deep within the painting, and within ourselves. This is in sync with the fact that she infuses her paintings with Reiki healing energies. Pristas wants to expand on the traditions of the color field artists. Pristas has a love affair with color and she knows how to use it. She knows that our nervous system requires input and stimulation. With respect to visual specifics, we become weary in the absence of a variety of colors and shapes. Consequently, color confronts one of our basic neurological needs for fuel.


Tracy made several visits to her clients home to discuss sizes, themes, color palettes, and budgets. Pristas devised an outline that include three potential options. Clients selected the abstract landscape triptych option each painting 20w x 60h. Pristas also offered a review of the artwork to ensure that the client were 100 % thrilled with their commissioned painting.

Additional Information

Client Testimonial: Since this was our first time commissioning a painting, we didn’t know what to expect. Tracy came to our house and looked at the space to get an idea of size and color palate. We then looked at subject content and media in order to determine what we would like. The whole process was fun and exciting with no surprises. We are thrilled with the painting and how it transforms the space. Tracy was a joy to work with and we couldn’t be happier.