Prismatic - CODAworx


Client: Georgetown BID and Art Omi

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Nancy Hou


Josh de Sousa


The design has to include lit elements. The dimensions of the piece are 27ft x 27ft x 9ft. The structure consists of painted rebar. Paracord is attached to the steel frame using vinyl zip ties.


Prismatic is a kaleidoscopic experience of light, color, and space that frames a myriad of perspectives. The piece is unique on all sides, encouraging the public to explore the exterior, as well as meander through its translucent “streets”. Iridescent cords weave between a light-weight steel lattice. Gaps between the cords provide transparency, while also producing a dynamic visual effect known as a moiré. As visitors turn their gaze or walk about the space, patterns in the background and foreground continuously converge and de-laminate, resulting in the perception that static surfaces are somehow in motion.


My partner Nancy Hou and I designed a fabricated the piece. Our studio is called Hou de Sousa.