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“Populus ramosus viae itineris”

Submitted by Troy Corliss

Client: University of California at Davis, Health System

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Troy Corliss

Corliss Studio

Art Consultant

Beth Jones & Lynda Jolley

Beth Jones Art Consulting


Sallie-Grace Tate

Point 2 Structural Engineering


Lance Durfee PE, CCM

Vanir Construction Management, Inc.


U.C. Davis Health System Graduate School of Nursing has a new home in the Betty Irene More Hall, located on the Sacramento campus. The art collection within Betty Irene Moore Hall features more than 40 works by regional artists. From high-energy pieces that stimulate the mind to multicultural offerings that celebrate a diversity of heritages, the installations represent the spirit of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis.


The suspended artwork located in the Student Commons area greets visitors as they enter the building and, helps to set the stage for the collaborative culture of creative learning that is expressed through the vision and mission of the nursing school. The design of the artwork is symbolic of the process shared by the community of students. Students enter nursing school with a shared goal of becoming medical professionals. Each may take a different path, finding their way and finally blossom as they embark on their new careers.


Beth Jones Art Consulting curated more that 40 works of art that were placed throughout the building. The process of selecting and placing the artwork deliberately produces an environment that expresses a creative approach to learning. The two large commissioned artworks, the suspended sculpture created by Troy Corliss and the 24' painting created by Mark Emerson were projects that developed through the oversight of leaders from UC Davis Graduate School of Nursing and from the Moore Foundation, the major contributing donor. Both artists collaborated and responded to the expressed goals for the project as they developed their designs for the completed artwork.

Additional Information

The branching tree like sculpture provides a subtle contrast to the clean architectural design of the building interior. The hand crafted steel and glass sculpture forms a fluid, organic pattern of lines, shapes and color that weaves through the airy space of the student commons area.