Pop Forest - Whisper - CODAworx

Pop Forest – Whisper

Submitted by Hao Li

Client: Zuoyou Art

Location: Nanchang, China

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Hao Li

Atelier Li Hao


Xueqian Nan


Pop Forest – Whisper, a surreal sculpture series collaging various fungi, represents the artist’s fascination with the regenerative properties of these organisms. The artworks, rare scientific specimens from the artist’s imagination, highlight the shared capacity for growth and rejuvenation between humans and fungi. Symbolizing vitality, they thrive in adverse conditions and brave through disasters. In the post-pandemic era, this vibrant installation immerses viewers, revitalizing urban spaces and instilling confidence in the resilience of life.

Within the context of the city, the Pop Forest – Whisper art installation can be seen as a departure from the urban landscape, offering a surreal and enchanting experience. Artists can critically reflect on how the juxtaposition of the organic and fantastical elements of the sculptures challenges the urban environment’s rigid structures and routines. By presenting a visually striking and immersive installation, Pop Forest – Whisperdisrupts the urban fabric, inviting viewers to explore an alternative reality and reconnect with nature within the confines of the city.


In the aftermath of a pandemic, there is a heightened longing for vibrant life and the courage to overcome adversity. The vibrant and colorful artwork of Pop Forest - Whisper aims to immerse viewers and ignite a renewed sense of vitality and confidence within urban spaces.

Through the juxtaposition of human life and fungal life, this art installation encourages contemplation on the resilience and interconnectedness of all living beings. It invites viewers to embrace the extraordinary life force found within themselves and in the natural world, instilling a sense of hope and inspiring a revitalization of urban environments.


The focus on environmental consciousness permeates the creative process of Pop Forest - Whisper. All painting materials used are eco-friendly, and the production workers are provided with ample protection.
In order to abstractly depict the characteristics of fungal textures, the artist utilizes artificial intelligence technology. They train a model based on collected fungal plant surface textures to generate the textures on the surface of the sculptural installation. The generated textures are further processed in the style of glitch art, presenting pseudo-realistic image features. This abstractly conveys the impression of fungal organisms in people's minds.

Additional Information

Within the Pop Forest installation, artistic critical thinking delves into the vitality of human life in relation to fungal life, fostering a deeper understanding of our place in the natural world. Artists draw parallels between humans and fungi, illuminating their shared qualities of resilience and adaptability. By highlighting the interconnectedness of all living beings, artists encourage viewers to reflect on the fragility and impermanence of human existence. Through the exploration of fungal life cycles and regenerative qualities, artists emphasize the capacity for growth and rejuvenation present in both humans and fungi. They celebrate the inherent vitality that allows life to persist and flourish, even in the face of adversity. The intricate sculptures within Pop Forest embody the tenacity and ability of fungi to thrive in diverse environments, reminding viewers of the remarkable resilience that permeates the natural world.