Pollination! - CODAworx



Location: Brea, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $1,000,000

Project Team


Dixie Friend Gay


Mosaika Art and Design Studios


The city of Brea, California commissioned this mural for the new Avalon Bay residential apartments. The smalti mosaic piece is a landscape depicting the vibrant exotic and native plants found in southern California.

The mosaic wall, 7’ x 40’, depicts oversized poppies, lupines, and other native flowers. The mural features fully open flowers, buds and the beginning of seedpods. It is about abundance, fecundity, and reverence for nature.

The three sculptures, roughly 20′ by 5′, sited near the mural are part of the same vision, echoing the bright colors and organic forms, referencing the internal parts of the flowers and seedpods featured in the mural. The botanical forms are a playful visual anchor for the gathering places along Birch street.


-Depict the vibrant and exotic plants native found in Southern California
-Showcase the abundance, fecundity and reverence for nature