Pod Triangle - CODAworx

Pod Triangle

Submitted by Alice Ballard

Client: Abacus Planning Group, Inc.

Location: Columbia, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Alice Ballard


Cheryl Holland

Abacus Planning Group, Inc.


Sarah Young

Abacus Planning Group, Inc.


This 10 Pod Triangle was designed specifically for a long, burnt orange wall that runs the entire length of a central hallway at Abacus Planning Group, Inc. This hall begins once one enters Abacus (image 1), walks through the greeting area and enters the main office area through a glass door. The Pod Triangle can be seen from the main office area where clients enter Abacus. The Pod Triangle is approximately 5.5′ high by 5.5′ wide.


Integrating this piece was essential. In the beginning I prepared four different site specific proposals. Each was appropriate for a different part of the Abacus office space. They chose the 10 Pod Triangle because it would make a bold statement and could be seen both by clients entering Abacus and by the office team. The open concept office space allows the Pod Triangle to be seen and enjoyed by almost everyone on the Abacus team at some point in the day due to its central location.


Cheryl Holland, President of Abacus Planning Group, Inc., first approached me to see if I would be interested in creating a commissioned work for the office space in March of 2014. First, she visited my studio space, then I visited Abacus to see the office and began thinking about installation possibilities. I did four different proposals, and as Cheryl believes in a team approach, everyone took time to consider which site specific proposal would work the best for Abacus. Ultimately, the 10 Pod Triangle was their choice. To help them decide exactly where they might want to place it on the long central wall, I sent 10 pod templates that could be taped to the wall. Months later, I returned to install the Pod Triangle. Cheryl Holland's assistant, Sarah Young, had already carefully measured where each Pod should go and each template was marked where the hanger should go. This made the installation process run smoothly. Thanks to Cheryl Holland and her vision as well as the help of her assistant, this experience could not have been better. I wish all my projects could be done like this one.

Additional Information

As I reflect back on this special project, I believe the team approach at Abacus, is a great way for artists to work with their clients. Through the team process, I believe The 10 Pod Triangle really was the best and most dynamic choice. I also see the 10 Pod Triangle as a perfect symbol for Cheryl and her team. Each pod is similar but unique and each one has its perfect place in the triangle.