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Submitted by Rita Shimelfarb

Client: Ronald McDonald Charities

Location: Winfield, IL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $18,250

Project Team

Director of Business Development

Maria Moran

Ed Hoy’s International

House Director

Katie Allabough

Ronald McDonald House® near Central DuPage Hospital


Two sectional art glass panels installed above vestibule benches at the new Ronald McDonald House Riverside Haven building. Each panel consists of 5 overlaying glass sections and measures 74″x21″. The panels are backlit by built-in recessed lighting.

Sectional art glass construction, fused and painted multi-layered glass. Installed in Winter of 2015.


The piece was designed to reflect the child-centric nature of the building. The main focus and purpose of each Ronald McDonald House is to serve as a home away from home for children who are undergoing medical treatments and to offer affordable housing to the families for the duration of the treatment. I felt that it was crucial to reflect and express the importance of a child and the vibrancy of a carefree childhood as a central theme in the glass design, while infusing the space with extra energy through glass color and affirming the visitor’s feeling that children are at the center of this facility’s operation and function.


This piece is a result of close collaboration with Ronald McDonald DuPage House co-directors Mary Agnes Laguatan and Katie Allabough and myself. I've submitted multiple concepts and designs per director's requests before one of my proposals was selected as a winning entry.
Once the design was approved, I worked with House's Chief Architect Mike Spagnoli on finalizing the art project's final weight, opacity and dimensions to make sure that all aspects of the pieces worked for the proposed installation site in terms of adequate support and setting.
Ed Hoy's Director of Business Development Maria Moran was instrumental in assisting with material support for the project and partnered with both myself and Ronal McDonald House administration for contract backing and technical know-how as needed.
Cain Millwork was contracted by the architect to frame and install the artwork in the vestibule of the House. I worked with Cain's Senior Project Manager Tim Pawlowski on details and provided written instructions for both framing and installation in order to assist with making this process smooth and effortless.