Submitted by Nathaniel Ancheta

Client: Art In Residence

Location: Antelope Acres, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Nathaniel Ancheta


Community Woodshop

Resources & Venue

Art In Residence


PLATFORM, situated between the sky and the ground, is a site designed for reflection, dialogue, and interaction between the human-made and the natural. Constructed with reflective materials, PLATFORM facilitates diverse forms of engagement and serves as a platform for conversations inspired by the solar farms in Antelope Acres, CA and their impact on the local community and environment.

The shape of PLATFORM symbolizes enclosure, home, and settlement—a contrast to the isolated desert landscape. Simultaneously, its reflective quality merges, blends, and exposes the surrounding environment, creating a liminal space. Within this space, individuals can express themselves, engage in contemplation, and question their perceptions of the layers of tension that exist between the constructed and natural worlds.

By providing a stage for expression and introspection, PLATFORM invites visitors to consider how they imagine, project, and perceive themselves within this complex interplay. It encourages a thoughtful exploration of our relationship with the built environment and the natural landscape. Through its design and reflective nature, PLATFORM prompts contemplation and invites individuals to ponder their place within these intersecting realms of human creation and the natural world.


The goal for this project was to create a space for creative expression and reflection. It served as a catalyst for dialogue between the built and natural environments. The artwork aimed to highlight the reflective nature of PLATFORM, emphasizing a liminal space that invites contemplation, self-reflection, and questioning of our perception in relation to our surroundings.

This commissioned artwork aimed to foster conversations and prompt viewers to engage with their environment. encouraging individuals to reconsider their preconceptions and explore the intricate dynamics between humans and the built environment. The artwork provided a “platform” for introspection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own thoughts, emotions, and connections within the broader context.

This commissioned artwork not only added visual appeal but also offered a profound opportunity for engagement and self-discovery. It prompted viewers to pause, connect with their surroundings, and embark on a journey of introspection. Ultimately, the commissioned artwork fulfilled its goal and played a vital role in facilitating a deeper understanding of the interplay between the built and natural worlds, while encouraging personal exploration within this intricate relationship.


This project took a unique approach to collaboration, involving family members, friends, a community wood shop in Glendale, CA, and Art In Residence in Antelope Valley, CA. These individuals and organizations provided invaluable support during various stages of the sculpture's creation. Their spontaneous involvement brought about unexpected synergy, expanding the circle of involvement and adding diverse perspectives and skills to the creative process.

The community wood shop generously granted access to their facilities, allowing me to cut the wooden frame pieces needed for the sculpture. This access provided essential resources and equipment that greatly enhanced my ability to bring the vision to life. Art In Residence not only provided the venue for the sculpture but also contributed knowledge, expertise, and hands-on assistance to realize my vision.

The involvement of family, friends, the community wood shop, and Art In Residence enriched the project with a sense of community and shared purpose.