Planar - CODAworx


Submitted by O Oliver

Client: Confidential

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team





Cedar; Glass; upholstery. This timeless sofa has stood up to 5 years of rigurous abusive testing. The brief born out of a primal want of somewhere to sit, it has also housed toasters amd elecreonic adaptors / devices in its arms. Having satisfied the earlier brief of somewhere to put things and felt the steel like strength of glass flexing under intense screw fixing the planar sofa was divined.


This is a handmade one off piece that is second to none in its beauty and elegance. To say that that could have been the intention for art integration would belittle the magic of the creative arts.


Well the colaborating parties sat through a gruelling mockup stage of temporary plywood test of concept arms. To say that no power tool has been harmed in the making of this design titan would be unfair to those that permanently their drive... not for the weak drills!

Additional Information

Although this exact model is a one off (owing im afraid to say to a few rudimentary carpentry hand carved carpentry details, we intend to produce more to meet the demand of the non lilly livered community out there #onlyforthebrave