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PiXL Factory Cosmos – A Kinetic Journey Through Space

Submitted by Danail Ivanov

Client: Cosmos Restaurant

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Ilian Hadjiin

Funkt Architecs


A spatial kinetic light installation mimicking planetary movement corresponding to a venue’s concept. Each planet/sphere travels in space on a preprogrammed route, thus creating, along with the rest of the planets, beautiful patterns which create a soothing experience for the guests of the restaurant while they enjoy its menu.


Following the venue’s design concept, we produced a unique visual installation which, combined with the rest of the interior and supported by specially selected music, together with the exclusive menu of the restaurant, creates a unique cosmic experience for its guests.


Building the system from scratch. All the modules are custom made. Not a single stock element was used. We had to design, build and assemble all the parts (consisting of more than 4500 elements). Then we designed and manufactured custom-made PCBs with a specially written software embedded into the micro-controllers inside each of them. Probably the most challenging part was synchronising the software and the hardware to run seamlessly together.