Pixel Flow - CODAworx

Pixel Flow

Submitted by Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

Client: San Isidro Local Government

Location: Lima, Peru

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Claudia Paz

Claudia Paz Lighting Studio


Cesar Castro

Claudia Paz Lighting Studio


Chris Plant

Colour Burst - Interactive


Neil Spragg

Future Sound Design - Sound Artist

Industry Resource

Giancarlo Aita

Giancarlo Aita Sonido


Is an immersive interactive light and sound installation created for the people to explore emotive experiences and trigger in them unforgettable memories.

Our approach was to integrate the installation with the public space and give the people a magic moment in a urban space, creating a social environment.
The installation explores the senses
 of the visitors in a surrounding space generated by light and sound and will feel wrapped in a spiral of light pixels and customized sounds that will be activated by the natural flow of the body motion creating a unique and magical experience.


Particles of light gently encompass the participants, immersing them in an audiovisual landscape in which even the slightest movement generates light and sound across the space. With each gesture the patterns of color evolve and move, and the generative audio system responds accordingly with a dynamic soundtrack to the user’s experience.
The structure is designed to follow the natural flow of the movement of the body, is designed to make you extend your arms and feel the freedom of express yourself, an a organic flow of light will wrap yourself and invite you to become part of the installation.
The pixels are distributed in the structure facing the interior to create a wall of pixels, but also in the exterior to create an eco of light that will mimic what is happening inside.
In this installation, visitors are surrounded by a grid of more than 2235 pixels that surround them but also allowing them to view the landscape where is located. Sometimes they will be taken out into an delightful world of sounds and colored lights and some other times will be playing as part of the natural surroundings of the park.


A combination of hardware and software allowed the realization of this installation. A multidisciplinary team was needed to realise the project. This team consist in sound artist, interactive programmer, technicians, all lead by the artist and main designer.
Highly responsive light particles were handled by algorithms that managed the complex real-time movement of the user, ensuring a natural and fluid reaction of the 2235 pixels. Every movement or "gesture" of the body can trigger a light pattern and a custom sound.

Additional Information

A number of highly detailed immersive scenes allow the fascinating exploration of unforgettable scenarios. The installation have 10 different scenarios, each one was design to have a different experience and create a link with the user that will be immersed into a Van Gogh dream between swirling clouds and stars, in a world of liquid light that appears in a magical way thru the move of your hand across the installation or any other scheme created for them to trigger their imagination.