Submitted by Adam Kalinowski


Client: Tilburg Municipality

Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent



Art Consultant






Designed by ADAM KALINOWSKI, dimensions:1400x700x220 cm; materials: colored aggregates, marine plywood, net, balls.


Pitch of Colored Sand is a project that binds together unique design and a popular games such volleyball or beach soccer, which are Olympic disciplines. Surface of a pitch is designed in a way to let the different patches of colored sand mix together during the games. Separated colors are gradually mixing, forming new colors as it happens in distribution of a white-light spectrum. This is providing a soft process of color transition. Pitches constructed by this design could be used during a summer periods. Matches played on these pitches would gain another valor - visual but also tactile. Wide range of fractions of quartz is been used in this type of projects starting from 0.5mm up to 5 mm. Players and spectators would be a part of permanent happening cause of constant change of the pitch surface, so any of the matches would be the same. Competition itself would get playful and ludic attitudes, which will exaggerate media’s footage and possibly increase interest on a wider scale. Another aspect of that type of public installation is a real and metaphorical impact over city landscape that truly represents right entropic attitude.


The collaboration process went really fine and smooth; logistic and organization was perfect of both Netherlands partners.

Additional Information

In this installation, the idea is to redefine the game beyond the competitive pressure of the professional sports in their training and championships, focusing on the game as the interplay of human relations and performativity. The body’s creative interaction with the city challenges a normative function of the city’s topography, resituating the performative act in the center of everyday life. Some reminiscence may be Hippie culture from sixties and its slogan -“Do your own thing” and further J. Cage stated: “doing your own thing is not enough, act in a way that nobody knows what you do in a moment."