Pioneer - CODAworx


Client: Redbud Roots

Location: Muskegon, MI, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Hunter Brown

Innovative Sculpture Design LLC

Fabrication Assistant

Chandler George

Innovative Sculpture Design


The Pioneer’ is a 10′ powder-coated stainless steel astronaut. Redbud Roots, a marijuana provisioning business located in Muskegon, Michigan contacted us to design something that would make a statement in front of one of there provisioning centers. Initially they wanted something funky and a piece that would evoke interaction with their customers. We decided the marijuana marketplace is somewhat of a new market and the people who do it best in the beginning will be considered pioneers in the market. What better way to send this message while appealing to the customer base than a 10′ red astronaut watering a marijuana plant. This project is actually the first of 6 projects for Redbud Roots. The next will be a 10′ elephant, water a marijuana plant with it’s tusk, while balancing on a sphere.


- Create interaction with community and client-base
- Create a destination piece
- Business promotion and social sharing
- Unique identity
- Grab the attention of commuters passing the business