Pier 21 Halifax Immigration Museum - CODAworx

Pier 21 Halifax Immigration Museum

Submitted by Prism Lighting Group


Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Charlie Simpson


Museums require unique lighting solutions in order to enhance artifacts while preserving any items by preventing UV Damage. Lighting is an important element to the overall experience of a museum. When choosing lighting for a museum, all of the potential ways for illuminating spaces need to be taken into account, including general lighting, accent and spotlights, task lighting, and even decorative or sparkle lighting.


The challenge and why Prism was they needed a custom solution because all the artifact display cabinets are different sizes so we were able to cut the angel aluminum profile extrusion to the inch so no spacing or falling short, this is what can happen with off the shelf LED Strip light sizes. With our Plug and Play solution, they know that if a strip has to be changed it is simple enough to have a maintenance person swap out the strips with no electrical wiring required.


The designer because of the aged artifacts required LED strip light (minimal UV Rays) and wanted natural light to show the true colors and tones in the artifacts. It seemed a 3500K Hi CRI (90+) did the best job, after we set up a display for their approval, they knew we have the right light output.