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A Visual Oasis!

Submitted by Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC

Client: anonymous

Location: Dallas, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Mary Anne Smiley

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors LLC


Frank Morbillo


The client requested a fountain to add water sounds and beauty to a new outdoor sitting area. The small pool was existing with water source available. Because of a short time to accomplish we searched for an existing sculpture to integrate into the design to meet the deadline.


The sculpture to use was chosen for it's simplicity yet exciting combination of steel and aquamarine colored glass reflecting the essence of the water feature. To convert to use as part of a fountain,we consulted with the artist and the gallery to construct a simple steel base with the simplest of water spouts for an elegant and artistic statement. Artist, designer, gallery, and client were thrilled with the outcome.


Starting with the designer's vision and autocad drawing, the artist then suggested how the sculpture could be attached to the base as drawn by the designer. The designer then collaborated with the pool water feature contractor as to how to incorporate the water spout as desired. The gallery then built the base as designed and worked with the water feature contractor for installation in the pool. The designer and client were on hand for the final water turn on with drum roll!

Additional Information

Soft sounds of water splashing from a fountain made of a stainless steel and blue art glass sculpture mounted on a stainless pedestal fitted with water spouts enhance an inviting space for conversation or reflection in this colorful conversation area, one of many stunning settings in this visually delightful outdoor living space.