Phase - CODAworx

Client: China Horoy Holdings

Location: Shenzhen, China

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Industry Resource

UAP Shanghai

UAP (Urban Art Projects)


Australian artist Carly Scoufos developed Phase as the centrepiece for the new Shenzhen Yifang City Shopping Centre in Shenzhen, China. Comprised of 190 suspended components, the work spans 3 atrium spaces in tones of blue, green and bronze. Phase continues the artist’s exploration of the fluid dynamics within liquid and gas, with specific reference to the hydrologic cycle and the continuous exchange of water between the atmosphere, land and ocean.


Visible from multiple vantage points within the centre and positioned with a careful balance of repetition, placement and design, each element appears to float within the void. The overall feeling is ethereal and calming, evoking a gentle sense of movement and weightlessness. Fabricated by UAP in anodized aluminum wires, Phase provides a soothing intervention to a busy retail environment.