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Percent Per Art program 2022/Bronx Animal Care Center.

Submitted by jessica alazraki

Client: Marvel Architects

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $32,000

Project Team

jessica alazraki

Percent Per Art Program

Sergio Perdo Lopez

NYC Cultural Affairs

Senior Design Liaison

Dora Blount

NYC Department of Design and Construction


I created three commission paintings for the Animal Care Center in the Bronx, NYC. Thanks to the Percent Per Art Program 2022 through the Department of Cultural Affairs in NYC and the NYC Department of Design and Construction.
One large painting of 48 x 120 inches goes in the lobby area in two panels (48 x 60 inches each).
Another painting goes to the Dog waiting room area, and the last one goes to the cat waiting room area.


The NYC Department of Culture and the NYC DDC wanted to activate a few areas of the building planned by Marvel Architects.
I created three paintings, one for the lobby area and two different waiting areas. The entry is a mural scale oil painting done in two panels where people gather at a long table. The people and the animals are organically living together and sharing the space.
The Dog waiting room has a smaller-scale painting in which kids and dogs hang out in an interior space. The cat waiting area reflects a scene in which the cats are essential to the action.
The paintings are bright, colorful, and inviting. It is accessible to everyone and reflects a vast diversity of people.


1- Design and Fabrication of the Art Work
The first step was to present past work and suggest an idea for the project. And agree on the areas of the building that will be activated and the sizes of the pieces.
2- Preliminary Design Review
Based on sketches, the team could view how the narrative will appear in the canvases and suggest any changes based on those loose images.
3. Fabrication
Based on the approved sketches, the paintings were fully executed with color and texture.
4- Pick-Up of the Art Work
Review of the paintings, photographs, and pick-up services by professional art handlers.

Additional Information

It was a pleasure working on this project. There was a lot of respect for the artistic intention, process, and style.