Pendulum - CODAworx


Submitted by Brian Schader

Client: Private Collection

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $28,000

Project Team


Brian Schader


Dave Montgomery

Montgomery Engineering


The artists fascination with a desk top toy, a Sand Pit, Pendulum and a desire to add motion to his monumental sculptures, Brian jumped head first in creating a pendulum sculpture. The mixed materials piece stands 11′ tall above a 20′ brick surround. Below is 15 yards of concrete to ensure no settling will take place that could potentially throw off the delicate balance. On the back of the mast is a decorative screed that when place over the sand pit and pulled side to side, levels a glass smooth surface for the pending masterpiece of gravity.


There was a desire on the collectors part to have the culmination of their second phase, sculpture garden, end with a second interactive piece. The first being a life size chess set. An obvious passion for art and its effect on the viewer, this consummate collector has envisioned and seen to fruition a space to be proud of. One of collaboration at the highest level with visionaries in their field. Unfolding for this artist during the commission process, was the opportunity to be inspired by others art, an inviting space and a challenging idea. The result is an intriguing work that the viewer can't wait to get their hands on.


Being the Artist's first attempt at motion of this scale, he happily enlisted the help of a few fellow design professionals and an engineer. Without whom, this would not have been a resounding success. "Never stop learning, dreaming, delving into the unknown" -B. Schader. On site, the landscape architect, designed beautiful pathways leading the viewer through a garden oasis, past monumental sculpture, over ponds, past waterfalls and through a Meditative Labyrinth. Peaceful and serene yet energizing for the soul.

Additional Information

The title of this sculptural work is "Fragments of a Dream" Upon nightfall while the Pendulum is gently swaying back and forth, glints of light are cast with a circular motion from internal LED lighting. The unseen inner workings of the almost 300 pound glass pendulum, allow it to not only sway elegantly in a circular motion but also spin. Fragments of light, flicker as the solid brass tip draws an effortless series of interesting shapes. Upon the pendulum's release, the viewer experiences a creation of his own hand.