Pegasus Wheel - CODAworx

Pegasus Wheel

Submitted by Don Redman

Client: Artist

Location: Santa Fe, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Don Redman

Devilhead Studios

Industry Resource

Dwight Brown, Engineer

Industry Resource

Saul Obergon


My goal was to produce a monumental piece of kinetic art. The installation in water was an aesthetic choice as well as a safety barrier for the public. Pegasus wheel evolved from the perpetual motion machine. The Cone stands 15-feet tall by 12-feet long, and is made of stainless steel weighing six hundred pounds. In the framework of the cone are sails strategically set to catch the wind from every direction while in rotation. The large end of the cone rolls on a 30 ft diameter stainless steel track.


This is a spec piece, not a commissioned work. I offer it here to reveal the kind of work that I've produced over my career.


Dwight Brown, a sail boat designer, and I have collaborated many times to produce the most aerodynamic, efficient designs possible. Pegasus Wheel is an experimental design as well as a work in progress. I have fabricated the stainless steel core cone structure and sails. The engineering designs and blueprints have been completed. However, due to material costs of the stainless steel track and space limitations, this piece remains unfinished.