Peaceful Megastructures - CODAworx

Peaceful Megastructures

Submitted by Franck Sarfati


Location: Brusels, Belgium

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


franck sarfati

Brussels Parliament


It is a dystopian, chaotic and alarming, yet deliberately elegant vision of the city that interests me, that raises questions – seen in the mirror of a past utopia, and henceforth without illusions. The essential question is: what is the future for our habitat? Living vertically?

Peaceful Megastructures is a composition of a micro / giga / megacity consisting of 258 Limoges Porcelain sculptures [ 215 X 113 CM – 84.6 X 44.5 IN. ].
As well as three other installations of around 150 megastructures. Limoges Porcelain & Black Ice Porcelain, 138 X 78 CM – 54.3 X 30,7 IN.

Tensions develop. There is the energy contained in each of the sculptures, which is its very own. There is also the spatial arrangement of the sculptures among themselves and the invisible links that arise when they gather in this way.


Walking through Tokyo, New York, Shanghai or Hong Kong has allowed me to appreciate the most advanced architectural projects (Supertall), while questioning the place of society in this hyper-urbanisation.
In 2030, 70% of the world’s population will be urbanised.