Patchwork Travlers at Penn Station 34 Street New York City - CODAworx

Patchwork Travlers at Penn Station 34 Street New York City

Submitted by Dennis -RedMoon Darkeem

Client: Amtrak at Penn Station

Location: New York , NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Creative Director

Verónica S. Willsey

Paper Robot LLC

Sound Arts

RedMoon Arts Movement Inc


My process of creating is collaging past, present and new works to create new narratives.
My work explores themes of indigenous cultural connections to land and water, connections to history and present times, using traditional objects and storytelling to create acknowledgment, awareness and Enlightenment around East Coast indigenous customs and Art.


Walking through the space I hope to spark curiosity, bring Beauty and education through my work. I want my work to give representation of indigenous art on the east coast and the cultural connections and exchange created each day through Art and travel.


I had an amazing opportunity to work with Public Art Curator Debra Simon, Creative Producer Karen Kitchen, Verónica S. Willsey of Paper Robot LLC, Victoria Statz, Adam Ballaban, Gary Teich, Jason Hughes, Juan Escobar, Lonnie Feldman from Color-X, Ghost of a Dream, David Plakke, Blake Zidell, Wilfred Torres, Sharon J Tepper, Wei Yu, Jason Abrams, all the Staff, Installers,Maintenance and Security at Amtrak Penn Station.