Passage - Chiharu Shiota - 2020 - Frankfuurt am Main - CODAworx

Passage – Chiharu Shiota – 2020 – Frankfuurt am Main

Submitted by Arnold AG


Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Marcel Glapski

Arnold AG


Pascal Bargon

Arnold AG


“Passage“, is an art installation by the artist Chiharu Shiota. It was produced by Arnold and is located inside and outside of the “Winx-tower” at Neue-Mainzer-Straße 6-10.
It consist of seven aluminum boats on the inside and one on the outside of the building. Six of the seven boats were transported to Chiharu Shiota´s studio in berlin, on rotatable frames, to be individually woven with wool by the artist. A Challenge in the construction process, were the fire safety norms. A sprinkler system had to be integrated invisibly into the boat frames, to ensure the fire safety of the lobby.
The biggest boat was too large to be transported to berlin, it had to be assembled and woven by trained professionals of the atelier on-site.
Because of weather conditions, the outside boat could not be woven with wool, so Arnold made a smaller version of the boat, which the artist wove. It was then digitalized and an aluminum panel was lasered and fitted to the boat.


Planning, production and installation of the aluminium sculpture ensemble. The numerous threads of special wool were arranged by the artist's team. This sculpture has a complete invisible integration into the sprinkler system of the lobby.