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“Paradise,” an Entry Full of Life and Color Welcomes You

Client: Private Residence

Location: Rush, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Design & Fabrication

Nancy Y Gong

Gong Glass Works

Lead Installer

Cory Stramonine

Frontier Glass


“Paradise” is commissioned contemporary architectural art glass for a home that creates a sense of a special place while also reducing the intense sunlight. The design is about hope, healing and creating a visual retreat to the collector’s unaccessible special place in Hawaii during the pandemic while living on the mainland. To feed the heart and the soul, the design is bursting with brilliant emotive tropical colors and tiny accents that reflect the owners memorable activities in paradise.
The highlight of “Paradise” is the lush fan palm symbolic of peace and being the distinctive welcoming element of the arched entry of the home. Brilliant images of giant Birds of Paradise, Protea, Monkey Pod, Ginger and Plumeria flowers emphasize the omnipresence of nature on the islands. The combination of the exotic flowers intertwining with beach, land, water and sky cast the feeling of the lush warmth of the tropics.
To feel the sun and heat of paradise through all four seasons, colorful dynamic abstract shadows come alive as they move across the interior space nurturing the heart, mind and soul.


The goal of the artwork was to reduce intense glaring sunlight from entering the home while using imagery, color and light to make a personal connection to Hawaii. Color is used to enhance the emotional experience of the lush tropical region.


The collaboration process was pretty straight forward beginning with an introductory meeting to review functional and aesthetic attributes that the client was envisioning including a list of their favorite flowers and their unique characteristics. That was followed by discussion about what would be meaningful to them and a review of their artistic preferences.