Submitted by Willie Cole

Client: city of kansas City

Location: mine hill, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $475,000

Project Team


Mike Corrigan

BAC Musical Instruments

project manager

Lilian cho



BIRDS made from saxophones honor Charlie “Yardbird” Parker in this installation named after one of his most famous tunes called “ORNITHOLOGY.”


My goal was to be contextual as well as conceptual. Jazz is rooted deep in the history of Kansas City and "BIRD" was the city's greatest ambassador. All Kansas City folk can relate to this piece for that reason.


I worked with a local musical instrument company to buy, dismantle, and reassemble 128 saxophones.

Additional Information

My main studio is in NJ but through my connection with BAC Musical Instruments I was able to acquire an abandon historical theatre in the Kansas City Jazz District to use as a studio for 2 years. Through this acquisition I was able to "feel" the history and the music of Kansas City every day. And that was an asset to the project vibrationally.