Origin - CODAworx


Submitted by Vendel & de Wolf

Client: vendel & de wolf

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $150

Project Team

design, engrave drawings, installing etc

Paul Vendel

vendel & de wolf

design, presentations, installing etc

Sandra de Wolf

vendel & de wolf

electronic advice, design and implemantation

Yens & Yens

Yens & Yens

metal frames and installation

Frank van Rijn

smederij van Rijn


The fourteen frames with interactive windows are inspired by nineteenth-century natural history museums These windows are situated in a viaduct with pedestrians, cars, bicycles, and two stairs leading to the tram stop. The engraved shapes light up with the movements of the passers-by and continuously change subtly in color. The atmosphere of the viaduct is significantly influenced both during the day and at night. The metal, black frames can be seen as a drawing of the viaduct. The hand-engraved shapes are semi-abstract and therefore very multi-interpretable. You see the same shape from different angles and combinations. Depending on the viewer’s cultural background, everyone sees something different in it. This makes this work interesting even after having walked past it every day for years.
The viaduct also has two entrances to the trams. There are two yellow details of the same shape. These are also interactive.


The municipality of Amsterdam had asked us to give this viaduct a more secure identity. There was quite a bit of crime and graffiti. We do not allow our work to be dictated by practical questions. But we are inspired by that. The same applies to the multicultural population group that makes heavy use of this viaduct. We wanted to make something accessible to all cultural backgrounds. For all ages and for art connoisseurs and laymen. Most people often see Origen casually on their way to something else. They often see Origen regularly for years. It was therefore important to make something that could suddenly be interpreted differently years later. We wanted to give handwriting an important role. This gives a human layer to the work. The frames prevent robbers from hiding behind the pillars. And the interaction gives a feeling of being detected. This has a positive effect on people with bad intentions, but also for people with good intentions.


We realized the project together with Yens & Yens electronic art & design and forge van Rijn.
Van Rijn fabricated and installed the matte black, powder-coated trapezoid frames. In the frame are several small hatches for access to the electronics. The windows are easily accessible for maintenance. Al frames are numbered because they exactly fit the trapezoid space between the pillars.
Yens and Yens made and installed all the electronic parts. They gave expert advice about the materials used and the program.