Orbital - CODAworx


Client: Uber Technologies

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno


Structural Engineer

Nick Sherrow-Groves


Art Consultant

Dorka Keehn

Keehn on Art


Orbital spirals into the sky, formed by a curved trajectory around the center of the sculpture, creating a place for pause beneath it. Orbital explores ways of creating an artwork that can be experienced in two ways. On the outside a textured, tessellated, high definition stainless steel surface articulates a towering structure that anchors the site, is visible from afar, attracts and provides visual identity. On the inside an anodized aluminum color field surprises and grounds the visitor. It invites one to pause, look up, experience and interact with pattern and form in a dramatically different way.


The site for the artwork was of a very small footprint, but was required to be 'tall and impactful'. To achieve this, 90' piers had to be drilled into the ground to support the artworks height and weight. The weaving of the artwork into the site pathways was key to the siting and the way Orbital anchors into the ground and allows seating surrounding it to integrate into the rest of the landscape.

Orbital picks up the colors of its surroundings, reflecting color and texture from its ambient environment. It is part of a larger pedestrian experience between buildings and contributes to the sequence of spaces created along that path.