Double Bond - CODAworx

Double Bond

Submitted by David Tonnesen

Client: University of Akron, Ohio

Location: Akron, USA

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team


David Tonnesen


Engineering and Biology Departments

University of Akron, Ohio


“Double Bond” 22’x17’x12’. Ohio Arts Council. A majestic tree-like place marking sculpture for the University of Akron, Biology Dept. Leaf like kinetic elements representing a large molecule atop organic forms and curves in stainless and Cor-ten steels.


The original RFQ asked for a sculpture to be installed on the building facade. After visiting the site, I found that location very limiting, and found a large open grassy island near the parking area that would allow for a bigger bolder presentation. The committee agreed and that became a deciding factor for my acceptance.


As a public art commission, goals were outlined by the client, The University of Akron, and its art selection committee, made up of several professors for the Biology and engineering Departments. Each was able to describe their area of expertise and hopes for the sculpture. I abstracted elements of flora and fauna to create a structure to elevate the ethene (C2H4) compound canopy