Oceans Placental - CODAworx

Oceans Placental

Submitted by Dr. Erica Grimm


Client: Salt Water Skin Boats

Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Dr. Erica Grimm


Scientists & Mathematicians

Salt Water Skin Boats


Created for the project Salt Water Skin Boats, this work draws analogies between human bodies and oceanic bodies of water, asking questions about ocean change–perhaps the most urgent of wicked problems facing humanity today.


The goal was to inquire into what we know about the global ocean and how it is changing chemically and physically in terms of salinity, temperature and acidity. Drawn initially by the ocean as a symbol of healing and spiritual solace, it soon became apparent the degree to which the global ocean is sick.


The collaboration was with various ocean scientists and mathematicians who provided many of the equations and scientific data layering into the encaustic surface.

Additional Information

This is a series of works concerning how the global ocean is changing and our human responses (often grief, denial