Nurture - CODAworx


Submitted by Alice Kiderman

Client: Akron Children's Hospital

Location: Akron, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $27,000

Project Team


Alice Kiderman


Nicholas Fairplay

Fairplay Stone Carvers


The proposed sculpture was carved in stone – Indiana limestone, which will withstand the weather elements of Ohio.

Sculpture – 5.5ftT x 2.5ft W x1.5ftD; part honed, part textured
Base -square (of the same material) .5ftTx 1.5ftW x1.5ftD. Top honed; sides textured

The proposed design has an upward direction projecting hope and optimism. Its varying and enveloping shape, as a 3-dimentional structure, stimulates thought and imagination.


Stone represents the dichotomy of life, symbolizing its hardness and adversities and, at the same time, the rock-hard strength built by facing those struggles. Stone is unforgiving, yet it is only by surviving its difficulties and learning to work with it that we release the beauty inside.
The upward movement of the smooth component projects victory of the young, the good, the positive. The process of literally breaking through the stone - the openings in the proposed sculpture- is an act of relief, and the space created within a block gives the piece energy and life.The two connected components – one smooth (honed) and the other rough (textured) symbolize the duality in life, the yin and the yang, the sad and the happy – all of which constitute life cycle.
It was my intention to evoke the feeling of harmony, comfort and promise of the victory of the forces of goodness.


the project was accepted by the selection committee and several meetings were held with the landscape design firm from Indiana, commissioned for the rest of the project.