Numbers in Nature - CODAworx

Numbers in Nature

Submitted by Leviathan

Client: Museum of Science and Industry

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Jason White



Chad Hutson



MSI is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, and its latest permanent exhibit, Numbers in Nature, explores the recurrence of patterns and mathematics in our natural world.
Leviathan helped introduce these phenomena through immersive video content and artful interactive installations. Guests can look into a two-way mirror and see their own natural proportions superimposed à la da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in real time; or virtually explore 3D patterns using nothing but the wave of a hand. Combining simple analog controls with cutting-edge technology, our team designed nearly a dozen dynamic experiences to engage children and adults alike.


From the concept to completion, there was a fantastic emphasis on visual quality and attention to accurate scientific details from both our team and the crew at MSI. Ultimately, we invented a new visual language based on MSI’s designs that is educational and fits all the patterns at the exhibit’s heart. We helped design this system using white spiral, voronoi and fractal branching patterns that are superimposed over colorful footage of nature, the human body, and architecture; they are introduced in the film and used throughout the exhibit, including all the promotional materials.



Additional Information

One of the most exciting aspects of sharing this project with the world is demonstrating more of Leviathan’s interactive capabilities, particularly marrying content with custom hardware and software. Similar work we’ve done in the past must remain private due to contractual obligations; this exhibit gives a hint at what we’re really capable of.