Client: Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (Sales and Leasing) Agency Limited

Location: Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Design Director

Ajax Law


Design Director

Virginia Lung



We fused diverse scenarios of the interior with elements inspired by Scandinavian style, reinterpreting the natural feeling of the outdoors and creating a space for enjoyment. This sales center is the temporary showcase for selling residential real estate, and it was created with an efficient way and at a low cost, which differs from the usual sales centers in HK that always express the feeling of luxury because of the super high prices of buying a property there.

The look of polyester fiberboard can be used to express the warm feeling of the Scandinavian style, so we used it to make the cocoon-shaped “flowers” at the entrance.

In digital forest area, the “puddles” on floor are the visual effect achieved by LED panels. We also designed the pink birdhouses to showcase the development’s high-tech facilities and to reinterpret the natural feeling. Huge mushrooms were placed in the corridor to present the joyful ambiance.

In clubhouse and model area, bicycles, laundromat, kitchen and vegetable vending machine are presented in the form of physical wooden sculptures. The washer and vegetable vending machine light up when their doors are opened. The vegetables in the vending machine are 3D-printed but not eatable.


Because of the high prices, the sales centers in Hong Kong are always designed to give people a sense of nobility and luxury, generally using very expensive materials, such as marble, metal, with delicate craftsmanship to create space. Over time, it would look the same and there would be no innovation and creativity in interior design. Therefore, it was indeed a challenge for us to breakthrough the previous design style of sales centers in Hong Kong.

We used a lot of different techniques and design practices to make the space distinctive with a small budget and without using very expensive materials. By bring people the natural feeling that is highly recommended by Scandinavian lifestyle, we made them think of natural, healthy and energetic lifestyle when entering the space. This project has broken the usual style of designing sales centers before in Hong Kong, which received plenty of attention from different property developers and also surprised to the whole property development industry.


In order to express the sense of nature more realistically, environmentally friendly materials were used in the space, for example the carpet tiles we used in the clubhouse area are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle.

We put the different colored “petals” made of polyester fiberboard on the solid wood branches during site visit to check their craftsmanship, actual proportions, color matching, etc. The blooming cocoon-shaped “flowers” to the entrance, the lifelike sculpture of greenery before the show flats area and the graceful artistic forest are all the designers’ Interpretation of the green life of nature in an artistic way. The graphics of handknitted carpet here come from designers’ hand sketch.

We designed a 3D hollowing blue wall in the meeting area, and lay out hand-knitted carpet with geometric patterns in blue, yellow and grey. Therefore, people can be signified that they are in another new area, and they can take a break here and exchange opinions with each other.

Additional Information

The Scandinavian styles have become a global phenomenon that has been adored across the world. The main challenge of this project is how to integrate the artistic approaches and how to be innovative while breaking through the tradition so that we could present a youthful, healthy and natural Nordic lifestyle in the whole space. It is considered to be somehow difficult to present the clubhouse service of the property development because it involves many elements. This was also a challenge for us in this project. The clubhouse area of the sales office is designed to showcase the features of NOVO LAND. In order to give people an immersive experience of the clubhouse facilities, the designers have given this area some new and interesting elements. Bicycles, washing machines, luggage, toolboxes and vegetable vending machine are presented in the form of physical wooden sculptures. The washer and vegetable vending machine light up when their doors are opened. The vegetables in the vending machine are 3D-printed. People who come to visit can intuitively know that they can rent these items or buy vegetable if they live here.