Novae - CODAworx


Submitted by Lab212 Collective


Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Nicolas Guichard



Béatrice Lartigue



Simon Doury

Light Consultant

Mathieu Cabanes

Sound System Consultant

Baptiste Pohoski


Between sky and earth, Novae explores cosmogonies – the formation of celestial objects in a constantly expanding universe.
Thousands of years ago, observation of stars was used to mark stages in the unfolding of time: the alternation of days and nights, the phases of the Moon and the changes in the position of the planets… And for a long time, mankind attributed to the stars a surnatural influence on its very existence. By 1930, astronomers demonstrated that stars are born and evolve.


This installation sketches an endless space, inhabited by hundreds of stars. Light slowly evolves like pulses and draws trajectories in the darkness. As time passes, the wind blows gently to the ears. The intensity of the light diminishes further, raindrops are heard, time seems suspended. A feeling of well-being and eternity overwhelms us, the firmament now contemplates us.
Considering the speed of light and the distance at which they are, stars visible from earth today are perhaps extinct for millions of years. By looking at the sky, we contemplate the past. The installation reflects on that to create a timeless landscape.


The poet Prince Badr bin Abdolmohsen Al Saud

Additional Information

02.10.2022 → 15.01.2023 EXHIBITION Tales of Nostalgia MISK Art Institute, Riyad, SAU