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North Square Stories

Submitted by A+J Art+Design

Client: City of Boston

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

bronze casting

Josh and Lauren Dow

Green Foundry

bronze casting

Jeb Wood

Independent Casting

landscape design

Randall Collins


project management

Joseph Fleury

Boston Public Works Dept

project management

Boston Art Commission

masonry and sculpture installation

Architectural Paving and Stone


This cycle of four sculptures, made in close collaboration with the local community, provides a uniquely intimate, welcoming and site specific experience for residents and visitors alike. NORTH SQUARE STORIES melds the multi-layered history of one of Boston’s oldest public spaces with its contemporary use while telling many stories about the Square, including: stories about the surrounding waterfront and harbor; about specific people who have come and gone; about Boston’s changing landscape; and finally about the waves of immigration that have continually redefined the area. Like North Square itself, every detail of the sculptures holds a tale, including many that elevate the profiles of historically ignored individuals.


The goal of this project was to tell many stories of one of Boston's oldest public spaces, North Square, an historically rich and well-visited and loved site by local residents and tourists alike. The design was integrated into the city of Boston's overall renovation of the Square which made the space more accessible and welcoming.


Designed and fabricated by A+J Art+Design, Green Foundry and Independent Casting, the sculptures were developed through a series of processes, including assemblage, traditional clay modeling, mold-making, digital design and 3D-milling and bronze casting. Traditional studio and foundry-based practices for public sculpture often exclude active participation by local communities and a sense of ownership of the completed work. A framework of community meetings, online media, an advisory panel and hands-on workshops allowed community members to actively contribute to the project throughout its development.

Additional Information

A+J Art+Design is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Boston-based artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier. We share a commitment to site-specificity, interactivity and community engagement. We offer a full range of capabilities in traditional object-making into which we incorporate new processes for digital visualization and prototyping. We believe that public art can provoke and entice while inspiring civic engagement.