Noosa Town Clock - CODAworx

Noosa Town Clock

Client: sunshine coast council

Location: noosa, Australia

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team

designer/ manufacturer

russell anderson


community consultation

rebecca ward


The Noosa Town Clock was designed as an iconic centerpiece for the Noosa Junction business district. At over six meters tall it provides a striking focal point.
Viewers are prompted to consider the nature of time and place, our impact and how we understand what was, ponder what is and speculate on the possibilities.


to create a placemaking focal point in he centre of Noosa, with community involvement

Additional Information

the movements for the clocks are custom made with a self healing time function incase of vandalism. The hands work independently which also allows a folly fof the hands to "dance" at midday The copper sphere at the rear of the clock hides a Platypus-Tailed Glider [Thylarctos Pteronic], a mythical wallum creature inspired by workshops with local primary school students. Arts worker and jeweler Rebecca Ward worked with students to develop ideas for wallum creatures that might have been, had evolution taken a different course. The resulting artworks are compiled in a hardcover book. the creature: The Platypus-Tailed Glider perches high in scribbly gums, swooping down on prey and using its powerful premolars and sharp claws to kill. Mostly nocturnal, it is rarely seen, although there are reports from bushwalkers of being attacked by something large and savage from above.