Nine Dragons - CODAworx

Nine Dragons

Client: The Home Group

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Tim Prentice


Julian Li

The Home Group


Julian Li

The Home Group


David Colbert


Made of aluminum and stainless steel, 9 slanted kinetic ribbons curl and undulate in the 8- story central atrium of a luxury apartment building in Taipei, Taiwan. One wall of the atrium is made of frosted glass. Brushed aluminum surfaces of the kinetic works reflect interior and exterior light colors.


It was important to create a work that could be viewed from all eight of the building's levels. The movement of the work was intended to bring a sense of the outdoors into the building. A number of factors influence the movement of the works including: the time of day, the action heating action of the sun on various parts of the building, the air handling systems in the building, and the number of people moving through the space at any given moment. The slow dance of the sculptures reveals the forces that act on the air in the building.


Julian Li, architect for The Home Group in Taipei, Taiwan searched the web for a kinetic sculptor to work with and found Tim Prentice in the USA. Two years of transglobal conversations followed, developing a work that would fill and energize the atrium space. After the work was installed, air-handling systems and interior lighting were adjusted to fully integrate the sculpture into the life of the building.