newGROWTH Stairwell Pendant - CODAworx

newGROWTH Stairwell Pendant

Submitted by Christopher Poehlmann

Client: Private

Location: Honolulu , HI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


CP Lighting


Philpotts Interiors


20’ tall aluminum tree branch sculptural hanging light — designed by Christopher Poehlmann for CP Lighting. This specific chandelier is installed in a private home in Hawaii spanning 2 floors. Built from lightweight aluminum with four independent branch sections that connect together on site for ease of both shipping and installation, this massive fixture only weighs 35 pounds. Our UL listed newGROWTH fixtures are all custom designed and fabricated in any size from 12” wall sconces up to 40’ long chandeliers for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.


This project called for a lightweight and portable fixture at 20’ tall but no more than 5’ in diameter. It also was necessary to fabricate it to break down into small sections in order to air freight the crate from our studio in Philly to Kileau, HI


I work directly with the project design team to determine the general concept, develop sketches to show a rough approximation of the scale, look and feel of the branching, all with the understanding that the fixture will follow these general parameters while I build and “grow” it on the work bench. Organic style fixtures like these are impossible to build from specific shop drawings, so I always prefer the freedom of a scale 2d drawing and notes
To work from with the understanding that the actual roughed out fixtures can still be altered until they are aesthetically and functionally correct.