New York Dala Horse - CODAworx

New York Dala Horse

Submitted by Shai Dahan

Client: private

Location: New york, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Shai Dahan

Building Owner



In October 2019, I travelled to New York to paint a large mural in the Lower East Side of
New York City.
The mural, which stood 20 meters high (65 feet), was painted on an apartment building on the worlds famous Broome Street.

I painted one of my famous Dala Horses (Swedish Dalecarian Horses). With the horse covering 95% of the wall, it officially became the Worlds Largest Dala Horse. The mural was written in every major media outlet in Sweden including the Swedish Television, all major newspapers and even the Swedish Mission for the UN. At the end of the week, it had an estimated media reach of 20 million.


As I was commissioned by the building owner, I was able to bring a traditional Swedish Folk Art image to the city of New York. Not only did it help raise Swedish tradition and culture in NYC but it also gathered great press for the building company with over 20 million media reach.


I was fortunate enough to have a lot of freedom from the building owner and create a design I felt passionate about. Although contracts, permits and other legal logistics were required, it was great to have such freedom when it came to the design.